At a recent PPIB the topic of discussion was how to attain life balance. The following statements came from the attendees and we may all learn something from them.

The importance of an honest partner who can tell us when we are spending too much time away from family.


Awareness of why we are driven at work are we:

Seeking approval

Keeping our employment or


 Communicate, communicate, and communicate

 Create life plans/ goals – career & personal  12 months – 5 years

 Guilt,why do we feel it?

 ROI what is your return on investment,

Career & personal, is it balanced?

 Plan for leisure activities so you have something to lookforward to that is outside your work

 Value- life-friends-family-spirituality-wellbeing

 Finally from Paul, Work to live not live to work!

Do you want to remember the important key points for life balance everyday? Download here the document from the PPIB and print it out!


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