Ask Me I’m A Local

Buttons will designate helpful locals willing to share their passion and knowledge of the area.Businesses’ will demonstrate their helpfulness by displaying “Ask Me! I’m A Local” flags

Toronto’s “ASK ME! I’m a Local” program will launch this year, in Toronto, Lake Macquarie NSW, and, despite a common local adage, being born and bred in Toronto is not a requirement. The program being developed by Toronto’s Chamber of Commerce. “ASK ME! I’m a Local” connects friendly locals wearing brightly coloured “ASK ME!” buttons with visitors who need a helping hand. – From pointing them in the right direction to recommending a nice place to eat, locals will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of their guests.

“This program is based on the idea that no matter where you go, it is always the people that make your trip memorable.  Toronto is full of friendly, knowledgeable and caring people. The simplest act, such as snapping a photo of a couple can have a huge impact on their experience.
The “ASK ME!” buttons will be worn by locals while they go about their day to day lives showing visitors that they are willing to give a helping hand.  Toronto will demonstrate its pride and community values; by the way they interact and support their guests, visitors, and clients every single day.

The program is supported by the Lake Macquarie City Council through its Town Centre Program.. “ASK ME! I’m a Local” has become something for the community to rally behind.

The Chamber had a greater vision, to become the friendliest, caring and supportive community on Lake Macquarie.
Businesses will feature signage in their storefronts and flags flying displaying their commitment for the program and flyers will be available at concierge desks to build guest awareness of the program.

Toronto’s “ASK ME! I’m a Local” Program is a grass-root, community-led program designed to enhance the experience of visitors to Toronto connecting them with community ambassadors.

“ASK ME! I’m a Local” program is also intended to allow residents to share their passion for Toronto, convey their community values and display their local pride, while engaging guests in a genuine, friendly, welcoming and personal interaction with its residents.

“ASK ME! I’m a Local” will feature on and also our Toronto Smart Phone and I phone Aps.

Please contact Keryl Fedrick for more information on 0421041987

Ask Me EOI



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