13 Categories, Toronto was represented in 9 categories as finalists


Branding and Marketing:                     LJ Hooker Toronto

Sustainable Business Practices:    Toronto Dry Cleaners

                                                                  LE Computers

Business Systems:                           State Custodians

Innovation:                                         Toronto Chamber of Commerce & Industry

                                                                State Custodians

Art & Cultural Innovation:               Toronto Art Movement

Entrepreneurship:                            Highland Honey

                                                               State Custodians

Exporting:                                          Pumps 2000

Not-for-profit:                                    Waltz-sing Matildas

New Business:                                  A Squared Advisers


3 Major Award Categories, Toronto was represented with 3 finalists


Business Person of the Year:      Peter Jamieson and Barbara Crossly of Umwelt Environmental Consultants

                                                            Joe Santa of Pumps 2000


Whilst we didn’t bring home the awards, we certainly showcased the magnificent diversity of the Toronto area, its people and businesses.  Everyone who attended had a wonderful time and agreed that being in the finals was a significant achievement.  Toronto had more representation in the finals than any other area.


It was a great night of networking and socialising and celebration amongst peers.


Personally I was able to meet with all the finalists and congratulate them, I met up with Toronto Chamber fan, friend and the evenings guest presenter,  Nick Bowditch who is doing remarkably well not  only with a new little baby boy but with his new on-line venture Clooee. (Nick did have shoes on, not his trademark thongs!)  


I was personally very proud to have been in the finals with the Chamber in the Innovation category for ‘change’ and 21st Century Marketing initiatives plus our newly formed Toronto Art Movement. 


I thought all of our Toronto finalists should have won, I am obviously biased.  I must admit the winners were worthy and we all agreed that there is next year and we will have more time to work on our categories from now until then.   

Congratulations to everyone!

































WOW Bob Hill for Frith’s Development



WOW Stephen Walsh from Think Walsh Creative Solutions

WOW Carolyn Thoroughgood, Grinners Catering with Brenda Hartmire, LE Computers



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